We are the BEST !

High quality materials and tested technologies, intelligent building management systems, professionalism of architects, contractors and site management - constitute basis for quality.

We already know it and remember about it. 

Our apartments are a great investment in these difficult and uncertain times!

The team managing this development and the application of Metkasoft System for managing this project provide a guarantee of fulfilling the highest possible quality.

Buildings have been designed and are being built as a steel-concrete construction with external and internal walls filled with ceramic bricks. Buildings are seated on a massive, monolithic foundation plate.

Ceilings between floors are 20cm thicker ensuring appropriate sound insulation and apartment's acoustics.

Walls dividing apartments are built from acoustic hollow blocks.

All apartments are fitted with antiburglar fire doors of an increased height of 2.18m. The apartments are designed to be comfortable and safe.  

All fittings and equipment have been professionally chosen with the greatest of care.

Buildings are equipped with lifts reaching all levels.

On the Green Glades Estate we provide free access to community satellite and terrestrial television. 

Buildings have spacious viewing terraces attached to some apartments on the highest floors and little gardens on the ground floor. 

We have built a children's playground: friendly, safe and well arranged within the estate's architecture.

Kind regards, 

Dariusz Orzeł


Sales office

Zielona Polana Service Office

Osiedle Zielona Polana
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Investor - Headquarter
Spółka Akcyjna sp.k.

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Project Manager
Dariusz Orzeł
PUPH - Agencja Zarządzania

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Construction Office
Biuro Budowy Zielona Polana

ul. Karola Bunscha 22A
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